Letting Go Of People

5 Proven Strategies To Let Go And Move On.

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How Do You Let Go Of The Ones You Love(d)?

Everybody has had an ex. We hold onto a toxic relationship or friendship even when it exhausts us. A toxic family member can be even more difficult to shake. We need to learn how to let go of people who have no business being in our life even if they sometimes make us happy.


It’s human instinct to hold on. However, it can also be a major obstacle in our ability to achieve our goals. You can’t achieve your full potential if you don’t know how to move forward.



Table Of Contents

What To Let Go

Why To Let Go

When To Let Go

How To Let Go

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What to Let Go


We have a hard time letting go of someone we love. There is so much emotion attached to that person, and being with them fulfills our needs.

We want to keep them close no matter what, but sometimes the relationship develops into something we just have to let go of.

    • A drain on your time
    • A detriment to your mental health
    • Relationships formed out of convienience that are no longer convienient.
    • Abusive relationships
    • Relationships that become an obstacle to your life’s goals
Letting Go Of People 2

Why to Let Go


Even if you find yourself ready to move on you might say to yourself, why would I do that? There has to be a reason for everything, and the reasons to let go are:

    • To free your mind body and spirit from a negative
    • To escape a route you no longer want to go down
    • To level-up your life and way of being
    • To Check if the grass is greener (sometimes it really is greener!)
Letting Go Of People 3

When to Let Go 

You are on a plane with a parachute on your back at twenty-thousand feet in the air and everyone is waiting on you. You could chicken out and ride the plane back down, or you could get up and let go of your fears.
“Jump Out Those Doors!”

If you wait too long then you will probably end up missing your chance. You will get comfortable and sit back down. So here are the best times to let go

    • Whenever the F*$% You feel like it!
    • Whenever you connect the dots and realize it is exactly what you want.
    • Right Now.
    • Probably not tomorrow.
Letting Go Of People 4

How to Let Go 


There’s a lady named Sky who divorced her abusive husband after he’d sent her to the hospital emergency room. Here is how Sky let go of someone she loved:

    • Calculate your self worth (reflect) and subtract –him, her, it– from the equation.
    • Call a good friend and cry your problems out over the phone to them. Anyone who tells you to never cry, tell them to stfu.
    • Say, “I Love You,” out loud to yourself and mean that sh*t.
    • Take a bath, shower, and drink some water (not alcohol).
    • Make a plan & Execute that thing.
    • Questions?


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