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Quotes About Fitness. I am the Greatest by Muhammad Ali

When it comes to losing weight, you may not have the motivation you need to get started. It’s up to you to find out what motivation or motivational quotes will work for you and then do your best to stick with it so that it becomes easier. It can be easy to lose weight.


Some people are motivated by the desire to be healthy and fit. Others are motivated by wanting a more active lifestyle. Regardless, the only bad workout is the one that never gets done.


Whatever your motivation or motivational quotes may be, it doesn’t matter how tiny or how big; there is always something we can learn from the experience of losing weight and living healthier lives.


Use these motivational quotes to stay on track so that the weight loss process can be much easier. You do not always have to lose weight fast. It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you don’t stop. It won’t happen overnight.


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inspirational workout quote workout like your life depends on it

Workout Quotes

  1. “Workout like your life depends on it” – Anon


  1. “The most successful people will tell you, that they never waited for inspiration to start working out everyday.” – Anon


  1. “Motivational quotes and a positive attitude provide a good foundation for fitness success.” – Anon


  1. “A positive mindset is the key to succeeding in any type of personal fitness challenge.” – Anon


  1. “It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, the important thing is to be healthy and remember habit is what keeps, so just keep moving forward.”
    – Anon


  1. “As a busy person, there will always be days where it’s hard to find time for exercise. It’s not true that quitting lasts forever which is why we all need some motivation quotes to remember to make exercising a priority and stay on track with our fitness goals. ” – Anon


  1. “Making excuses isn’t an option when you have set your mind on something.” – Anon


  1. “Having the correct mindset for fitness will help set you up for long-term success.” – Anon


  1. “If you want extra motivation while working out, think about motivational quotes and how good it’ll feel once you’re done!” – Anon


  1. “If you have to put in extra effort, there is no point giving up, Just keep moving forward!” – Anon
motivational workout quote on not being lazy

How can a lazy person lose weight?

For a lazy person to lose weight they must first learn self discipline and how to become motivated enough if they want to stick with their new lifestyle change. Motivational quotes can help. 


Ultimately anyone can change their life; all it takes is being willing , wanting , and making time.


We are not necessarily born knowing how to be fit. Getting fit does not mean giving up everything else in your life but it means changing some things that need improving.


Motivation is the key to lose weight and get stronger, but it won’t happen overnight. The workout quotes we’ve provided should help you stay on the right path so that your workout routine can be much easier. The only bad workout is the one you never did.


It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you don’t stop, after all! It’s not true when they say quitting lasts forever, so remember, if at any point in time during this process it feels like too much, just take a break and find some motivational quotes – there’s no shame in that. Remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day.


    1. “It’s difficult to stay motivated when life gets chaotic. If this happens, remember fitness isn’t everything. Set smaller goals and work hard until you achieve them.” – Anon motivational quotes


    1. “The strength you feel tomorrow , will be worth the pain you feel today.” – Anon motivational quotes


    1. “A ‘gets you started habit’ is the best habit to have. It gets harder to continue doing it, but once you get into your routine it’s all good.” – Anon


    1. “When you realize today that your future starts tomorrow, you’ll begin to take the necessary steps to make it a healthy one.” – Anon motivational quotes


    1. “Take care of your body and it will take care of you.” – Anon motivational quotes


    1. “If you want something you never had you must be willing to do something you never did.” – Anon motivational quotes


    1. Jerry Rice – “I don’t think anyone has to motivate me. When it comes down to getting on the football field and performing on game day, that’s just what I do.”


    1. “Progress takes place outside the comfort zone” – Anon motivational quotes


    1. “Do you want something you’ve never had? Earn it!” – Anon motivational quotes


    1. “If you wanna do something you’ve never done , you have to be willing to do something you’ve never done” – Anon motivational quotes
will power workout quote a champion will do whatever it takes to win

How do I get will power to lose weight?

One of the most important aspects to lose weight is willpower, and we’ve provided our list of motivational workout quotes to help you pick up your determination. Your new motivation could happen overnight.

Just remember that will power is a muscle you’re not necessarily born with, and that if you don’t use it, it’ll atrophy – so make sure to get those endorphins going!

    1. “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out where the real physical line is one day.”


    1. Words can be the train that get Michael, John and Jim to sweat at the gym, but without discipline no one will achieve the ultimate goal.” – Anon motivational quotes


    1. “A champion will do whatever it takes to win” – Anon motivational quotes


    1. “Abundant energy is one of the most effective weapons in your arsenal.” – Anon


    1. “Strength does not come from somewhere unknown, it comes from that inner voice that keeps you going.” – Anon motivational quotes


    1. “These fat men: Michael, John, Jim and Jerry might save the world one day, but only if they get their lazy butts to the gym.” -Anon


    1. “Do something physical today to bring the train of motivation in these articles and quotes to reality.” – Anon motivational quotes


    1. “Motivational workout quotes are great, but the unknown pain these words are driving you towards will begin your true success.” – Anon motivational quotes


    1. “Determination is the key to success with bodily exercise. If you really want something, go after it.” -Anon motivational quotes


    1. “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” – Anon


    1. “The greatest workout motivation is not unknown, it’s your own body.” – Anon


    1. The power behind these motivation quotes is not an unknown. You got the power of a bad ass, now stay consistent.” – Anon motivational quotes
    motivational weight loss quote

    How to be motivated for weight loss?

    It is important to find your willpower so that you can workout, eat less, and stay positive about bodily exercise. Good health takes work and a person’s determination will help them get there.


    To get good health, it’s best to start with a few small changes in order to build up momentum for the bigger tasks ahead of you. One day at a time you just lace up your tennis shoes and go. There is a such thing as getting healthy fast too. Some ways to do this include:


    Getting enough sleep, especially for people with busy schedules. After getting a good night’s rest, your willpower will be much higher and easier to exercise each day.


    When you get there an hour before it opens, maybe read some (again – nonfiction) or even listen to audiobooks while you wait for it to open.


    This will get you in the mindset of wanting to be there, which can help you stay motivated throughout your workout session.


    I’ve found that listening to music with high energy songs helps me push myself a bit harder when I’m feeling exhausted and needing encouragement from my workout routine.


      1. “Do what others won’t so tomorrow is filled with less of the unknown.” – Anon motivational quotes


      1. “Workout quotes can be inspiring and motivating. Embody some quotes about fitness to change your body.” – Anon motivational quotes


      1. “If you want extra motivation while working out, think about how good it’ll feel once you’re done!” – Anon motivational quotes


      1. “Don’t wait! Tomorrow what will make a difference in your life? What is the most important thing that could happen today?” – Anon motivational quotes


      1. “A positive mindset is vital when tackling any type of fitness routine, especially if we want to stay motivated.” – Anon motivational quotes


      1. “We can set small goals every week and work towards them by making time for our fitness routine.” – Anon motivational quotes
    inspirational wight loss quote on goals

    What are some ways you can find motivation to lose weight?

    Think about how much better you’ll feel when you lose weight. You don’t have to be William Shakespeare to craft the story of how happy your life will be when you stop making excuses. Become one of those tough people, a bad ass and challenge yourself.


    One way to challenge yourself is to set fitness goals and use workout motivation quotes. Think of the strength you’ll feel tomorrow, and how great it will be when the day after tomorrow arrives.


    It can be scary trying new things, but remember that any discomfort will pass in time. Try stepping outside of your comfort zone, you may even love it!

      1. “If you focus on little things you’ll get bigger results.” – Anon


      1. “Make exercise your number one priority.” – Anon motivational quotes


      1. “The biggest mistake I made was not going to the gym.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger


      1. “The secret sauce is not an unknown. Motivation is what gets people like Zig Ziglar to the top, so now it’s your turn to start climbing.” – Anon


      1. “I’ve never been able to follow any plan for losing weight. So I don’t have any advice on how to lose it.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger


      1. “I believe in setting goals. It gives you something to shoot for and keeps you motivated.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger
    fitness quote: if you focus on little things you’ll get bigger results.

    How do I get serious about losing weight?

    To be in shape and healthy you have to think of this not as a weight loss journey but a fitness journey. You may not go as far with fitness as Michael Jordan, Lebron James, or Tom Brady, but their is a such thing called personal goals. Make yours count.


    You need momentum, that’s why it is important to stay positive at all times because then it will give us the motivation we need to continue our workout routine.


    But if you find yourself feeling unmotivated because of other things that are going on in your life, just remember that it’s OK to take a break and focus on getting yourself back together. And remember to use workout motivation quotes.


    Some people may also need an extra push or extra workout motivation to really get into the swing of things, so if you feel like you need an extra boost sometimes try waking up early for a walk or run outside in order to start your journey to good health.


      1. “Getting motivated is all about getting excited for the thrill of a new challenge.” – Anon motivational quotes


      1. “If I can continue exercising consistently, my fitness progress should help me live a healthier lifestyle with fewer aches and pains as I get older.” – Anon motivational quotes


      1. “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.” – Anon fitness quotes


      1. “Getting enough sleep is an important part of staying healthy.” – Anon motivational quotes


      1. “Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as a good walk around the neighborhood with your dog or riding your bicycle to work.” – Anon


      1. “The extra effort you put into fulfilling your fitness goals will be greatly worth it.” – Anon


      1. “Making exercise a priority in your life is more important than ever, especially as we get older.” – Anon


      1. “To do what others say you can’t is to sacrifice the comfort of being ordinary and not knowing any better.” – Anon
    make exercise a priority workout quote

    Why is it important to have a healthy lifestyle and stay fit?

    If you want to stay fit and healthy, it’s important to maintain a balanced diet in addition to hitting the gym. You may not be the next Michael Jordan, but your personal fitness should be just as important to you as it is to top athletes.


    Nutrition is where a lot of people fail which is why having a coach helps people keep on track with their dietary goals.


    You can also read some books on nutrition and personal training for more information on how to reach your fitness goals.


    I have to wake up early in the morning to get a workout routine going and keep my workout motivation but like many other people I love sleeping more than working out. What can I do?


    As we all know, it can be hard waking up early and working out at the same time so here are some tips that will help you make this transition smoother. I’ll give them to you in the form of workout quotes here.

      1. There are two primary choices: become cynical or stay passionate about your personal fitness goals! It is far easier to stay positive and focused than becoming cynical and upset. – Anon


      1. One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to challenge yourself by trying something new, especially when it comes to working out! – Anon


      1. “Instead of passing on your tired excuses about why you didn’t work out, make up reasons why you did!” – Anon


      1. “A good way to stay motivated is asking others how they keep their motivation going.” – Anon


      1. “Don’t be afraid to try something different if what you’re doing isn’t working. Just remember, it’s not always about what will work for others; it’s more important to find what works for you.” – Anon


      1. “Don’t get discouraged if your motivation is low and you can’t seem to get yourself moving; just keep telling yourself that there are better days ahead!” – Anon


      1. “If your workout sessions are boring from day-to-day, look into finding a new routine that is fresh and exciting! There are many ways to find fun in the gym.” – Anon


      1. “Make getting fit a priority in your life by staying motivated. The key is finding an exercise schedule that fits with your lifestyle and sticking with it!” – Anon
    motivational advice on getting started with your workout

    How do I build up the willpower to keep on track with my fitness goals?

    It can be hard to stay motivated when you have other things going on in your life, but think of how much better you’ll feel once those large tasks are finished. Even William Shakespeare had to start somewhere. All tough people have to build up will power fast.


    Use workout motivation quotes and start out small by setting many little fitness goals – like walking around. 


    Michael Jordan didn’t become one of the best athletes by making his first set of goals happen and then calling it quits.

      1. “Having the right mindset with your fitness routine is more important than having the perfect abs.” – Anon


      1. “The key to getting in shape is consistency. Pick a schedule that you stick to regularly and always carry through on your workout routines.” – Anon


      1. “If running isn’t for you, find an activity that works well with your lifestyle. Just make sure it’s something you enjoy doing so that you’ll stay motivated.” – Anon


      1. “There are many ways to stay fit, but exercising outside is my favorite way of staying active.” – Anon


      1. “Don’t think about how to lose weight; think about being healthy and focusing on eating smaller portions of food.” – Anon


      1. “It’s easy to get discouraged if your goals aren’t met. But you can’t get discouraged if you’re not staying motivated.” – Anon


      1. “Getting exercise is one of the best things we can do for our health and well-being, but it’s easy to put it off when life gets busy.” – Anon


      1. “If you want a fit body, start with eating lean meats and vegetables. Avoid processed foods full of sugars that lead to weight gain.” – Anon
    small things add up fitness quote

    Where do I begin if I want to lose weight?

    It is as simple as working out daily, and eating healthy. That’s it! A good workout routine should be a mix of cardio and weight training – maybe two to three days of each per week. Add these to make sure you never have a bad workout.


    As for nutrition, that can be trickier, but if you are struggling to find what works best for you there are many helpful resources that can help you.

        • grab a membership at your local gym and start working out!
        • Set small goals and then work hard to reach them. If you focus on little things, it will fill your day with motivation and get you to the next level.
        • Keep a food journal – it can really help you stay accountable for what you are eating and how much of it.
      1. “If I could give a tip for staying motivated, it would be this: when I see somebody in great shape, I think about how their body looks like mine will if I keep going with my fitness routine.” – Anon


      1. “I’m totally focused on getting in shape because I want to live long enough to see all of my children grow up into amazing human beings!” – Anon fitness quotes


      1. “Only when we are pushed outside the comfort zone can we truly discover who we are and what we’re made of.” – Anon


      1. “When you start a workout routine for the first time, it’s normal to fail or give up quickly because you’re not use to bending your body in different positions. However, if you do your homework and continue exercising regularly, you’ll feel more confident about working out!” – Anon
    motivational fitness quote on getting started

    How To Be Motivated to Exercise?

    The first step is to have a plan. You must understand what it is you are trying to achieve and set achievable goals along the way.


    There are also some other steps which will help you stay on track with your fitness regime such as:

        • Goal setting for a healthy lifestyle
        • Create a mental picture of the body you wish to attain. A fitness goal is something that energizes you, motivates you and provides a purpose for your workouts.
        • Ask friends and family members for support. When possible, ask them to encourage you and tell you how good it feels when they see you working out or eating well
      1. “It’s helpful to create an at-home workout plan so there’s no excuse for not getting workouts in.” – Anon fitness quotes


      1. You must be willing to do something, which is uncomfortable, in order to grow mentally and physically. – Anon fitness quotes


      1. “Getting fit isn’t difficult if you can motivate yourself into eating healthy and working out daily. It takes a lot of willpower to stay on track with your fitness goals, but it is possible! Just remember to set small goals and work hard each day until you reach those mini milestones. Before long you will start feeling great about how your body has changed. Once you get started and feel the positive transformation that comes from eating healthy and exercising regularly, there’s no way you’ll want to go back!” ” – Anon
    no excuse quote just get it in

    Tips on how to maintain your progress after losing weight

    Keep in mind that it is easy to lose weight, but maintaining it is often difficult. However, these tips can help you keep your progress:


    Create a routine to establish a healthy lifestyle. A good workout plan will be structured and include a variety of workouts so you don’t get bored.


    If possible, try creating at home fitness routines for the days where you don’t want to go out.


    Plan meals in advance you want to lose weight fast. When planning your breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is important to keep yourself accountable for what you are eating because it is linked to your workout motivation. Lack of motivation can lead to a bad workout.


    Plan when you will eat so you don’t make excuses for why you can’t have that work meeting or lunch with friends because of a lack of time.

        1. “Exercise gives us confidence that when the going gets tough, we have the strength to keep going.” – Anon


        1. “Even if you don’t feel like working out, once you are there getting moving makes everything easier.” – Anon


        1. “If you want to get in shape, the key is consistency. You need to exercise regularly and eat healthy foods.” – Anon


        1. “The small things you do on a regular basis can add up to big, positive changes over time.” – Anon


        1. “When you put your mind on something it will most likely be successful.” – Anon


        1. “You don’t have to spend hours at the gym for every workout session. The key is finding a routine that works for your lifestyle and sticking with it. ” – Anon


        1. “It doesn’t matter how long or short your workouts are as long as they are effective everyday!” – Anon
      a good way to stay motivated with motivational quotes

      Motivational Workout Quotes

        1. “The first step is the hardest, but the fifth step is just part of the routine, so let’s get moving!” – Anon fitness quotes


        1. “Once you get over the idea that it is impossible to meet your fitness goals, anything is possible.” – Anon fitness quotes


        1. “If your workout schedule seems a little too ambitious, start with shorter sessions and add on as you become more into exercise.” – Anon fitness quotes


        1. “Leap into new challenges with some energy.” – Anon fitness quotes


        1. “Drive tomorrow’s worries away with a few more exercises today.” – Anon fitness quotes
      push your body messages and motivation

      Your Future Self Will Thank You

        • Working out today is all about building a better you tomorrow. You wake up feeling strong, energetic, and ready to take on the day when you strive for a healthy lifestyle.
        • Your future self will be thanking you for hitting the gym even though it was out of your comfort zone.
        • The pain you feel today is nothing compared to how good you ‘ll feel tomorrow. Get started on creating that habit and get yourself moving!
        1. “The better shape I’m in, the easier it is for me to do everything else I want to accomplish because my energy level soars!” – Anon fitness quotes


        1. “Your body can only go as far as you push it! Don’t listen to anyone who tries to hold you back from reaching your goals.” – Anon fitness quotes


        1. “No matter how hard it may seem now, finding the motivation to exercise is totally worth it once you start feeling better. You’ll feel more energetic and have more stamina than ever!” – Anon fitness quotes
      carpe diem quotes

      Count Muhammad Ali Among The Greatest

        • The late Muhammad Ali was one of the greatest athletes who ever lived. He was a three-time heavyweight boxing champion, Olympic gold medalist, and activist for racial justice that fought in what he believed in.


          Muhammad Ali understood that fitness requires work and sacrifice. He left behind a legacy of some of the most inspirational workout quotes to help you live a healthy lifestyle.


        • These kinds of motivational workout quotes will be remembered forever.

          1. “I am not a man; I am dynamite.” -Muhammad Ali


          1. “Hating me doesn’t make you any better than me. You have to be better than what you hate.” -Muhammad Ali


          1. I’m not Superman, am I? Up against a bunch of ole softies.” -Muhammad Ali


          1. “Don’t count the days; make the days count.” -Muhammad Ali


          1. “The fight’s won or lost far away from witnesses—behind the lines, in the gym” -Muhammad Ali
        Muhammad Ali quotes on believing in yourself

        Muhammad Ali Workout Quotes

          1. “I am the greatest” -Muhammad Ali


          1. “I’ve wrestled with alligators. I’ve tussled with a whale. I done handcuffed lightning, thrown thunder in jail.” -Muhammad Ali


          1. “I’m so mean, I make medicine sick.” – Muhammad Ali


          1. “If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it–then I can achieve it.” -Muhammad Ali


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